Loving Perspectives

Suggestions… and more suggestions


Find your tribe, a group of like-minded individuals

Surround yourself with positive people and those who uplift you

Avoid energy-sucking vampires, negative people and low-energy situations

Restrict your pleasure seeking, overindulgences and excess in all forms

Find a loving teacher who will point you to your own true nature

And when you are good and solid and anchored in the now…

in your Self…



Know that all minds are one

See yourself in everyone and everything

See Divinity and perfection in all

Go to the dark places and be the light

Take “the other” to lunch

Appreciate the luxury and pleasure that is available at any given moment

Take the pain of others and allow it to move through you and out

Let go of all rules

(This came out of my questioning common suggestions that I have heard on my spiritual path. One day this came to me in a flash and flowed out in just a minute to two. Maybe it is a matter of evolution or steps on the way to more love…)

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