Moving Day

Ah, new site, new day.


First things first, a Blessing!

Blessing for a New (Virtual) Home

I call you, Divine Spirit,
To fill this space with your presence.
May those who visit here feel nurtured and loved.
May they feel at home.
May it spread joy and laughter
and all things Divine and Good
like Lightness,
And most of all, Your Love.
May my profound gratitude for
the opportunity to serve others,
the joy of opening to your messages,
and the ability to connect to you & them
be a blessing in this virtual universe
that flows out to The Universe.
May this virtual home reflect
the peace that comes from knowing
that our true home is with you,
and that we are always there.

I love moving. I love letting go of things I don’t need. I love unpacking and redecorating a shiny, new space. Sure, there are some obstacles along the way. There is some grief in letting go of the old. And it seems to take longer than I’d like to get everything unpacked and in it’s place.

Moving to this new site has been like that. It’s not all unpacked yet. Everything may might not be perfectly in place. I might want to redecorate in a month. But I wanted to show it to you. I wanted to put out my new offerings. Everything here and everything offered I am excited about… Retreats! Rituals! Healing! A Creative Space Blessing for all who sign up on my email list! I vow to send you weekly doses of love in the form of blog posts filled with prayers, prose and peace, and invitations to virtual and physical gatherings that will connect us to each other and to the One.

It’s a moving day.

I can feel it.


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