Closer to Love

Periodically (and yesterday), seemingly out of the blue, I receive in the mail, at any of a number of places of business or at home… beautiful Thank You notes. Love notes, really, explaining a process that a student or client went through. Some of which I knowingly witnessed, some of which was the internal transformation followed by a life change that led them to this moment, this new place. They thank me for witnessing / assisting / supporting / guiding / listening / sharing. It’s so sweet and heartwarming – reaffirming. Perhaps I really am adding to the love in the world, by allowing my life to be used by Spirit and assisting another’s process. I am filled with Love by it, and they are moved more into Love too.

When I decided to plan a weekend retreat… that was the focus. Love.

Move closer to Love.

Can we make a big leap in one weekend?! Can we transform, let go – be more free on Sunday than we were on Friday afternoon? I believe so! It can happen in a 75 minute yoga class, a year long gratitude practice or a weekend. If we want to change things – change our minds and our lives – we can. You can. You don’t need me. It’s an internal process. You need only the desire to be happier, feel better, care for yourself, serve more, and experience grace. Then allow the teacher / the guide / the book / the movie / the friend / the community / the blog / the ecourse / the workshop / the retreat to present itself.

If you feel that may be me, and if now is the time, join me April 20th to the 22nd. A sweet circle of women are gathering. It will be filled with Love.

The opening blessing came to me this past weekend…

Opening Blessing for the Moon Circle Retreat
Divine Mother of Us All,
Please bless this gathering.
May it hold the seeds of peace and joy and freedom;
And may our time together nurture them until they blossom
into glorious flowers that display Your Love and Truth to all.
May we inspire and be inspired.
May we be open to giving love and receiving love.
May we set aside all we think we know
and any small beliefs about ourselves
so that the magnificent truth of our beings
and your plan for our lives can be revealed.
Use this circle, Sacred One,
in a way that you see
best serves each of us,
and in turn,
the world.



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