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Gettin’ Your Groove Back.

Last week I

fell off the wagon,

lost my mojo,

took a wrong turn into a bad neighborhood (in my brain),

and started to tailspin.

I don’t know when it started because I didn’t wake up until I was knee deep in the MUCK! The muck was a lot of comparison – during which I didn’t measure up very well against spiritual and wealthy entrepreneurs, mega-famous-online people that I admire, authors, heads of fantastic charitable companies, skinny chicks, happy people, and pretty much everyone I know.

This, in turn, led to a needy feeling. A void. A hole that I couldn’t fill with more information, lattes, chocolate chips, or arguments with my husband.

I did find I could dig it deeper with Facebook *, Twitter *, judging, analyzing, grasping and high levels of carbohydrates.

*These can be used for good or evil toward myself, incidentally.

So I sat myself down for a counseling session. “What do you need to do for yourself right now? What would help you?” I asked.

“Chia seeds,” I said.

I looked inquisitively at me. “Huh?”

I need to wake up and eat chia seeds, soaked in almond milk and topped with blueberries and pumpkin seeds.

I need to get on the meditation cushion, or somewhere – to pause and connect.

I need to consider what I want to put out into the Universe, the Twitterverse and everywhere else.

I need to breathe.

I need to laugh.

I need to do The Work on my thoughts that infer I should be anywhere other than where I am in my business and my life.

I need to pray, out loud to the angels who are always waiting to be called upon, ready to spring into action. 

Damn! I’m a good counselor! I took my advice. I am implementing it, and other self-care practices and things that I do to commune with my God.

Ya know, I have a conscious friend who has “Wake up” in Chinese tattooed on the top of her foot. I may need to go do that, too.

Who’s comin’ with me?!

Or what is it that you do to get back into the flow, reconnect with your Self, and groove again?? Please share below (or click on “comments” to go to the site from an email version to share). It may help someone else.   <3

Sunrise at Findhorn Bay photo by Angus Clyne.

4 thoughts on “Gettin’ Your Groove Back.”

  1. right there with ya, lisa…and i find myself sabotaging my efforts to do what i know will help. i know what i NEED to do…and i do it for a minute, then slide back into the muck. so expect a call from me in another few weeks, ok?! and thanks for sharing that even YOU can fall off the wagon 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing, as Linda said, that even you can get stuck in the muck. I have just started writing, about where I am, again. I’ve been feeling like I can never accomplish all I want to when everyone else seems to be moving forward with their goals in leaps and bounds. It is amazing how stepping back from it all can ground you. Thanks again for sharing. Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Hi Lisa! I like how you say “everyone SEEMS to be moving forward…” – it’s just a story in my mind that I don’t even know if is true! And it’s not helpful so… Carry on. 🙂 Happy weekend!

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