Meditation Warning

When Moon Circle started, the Original MoonGirls (O.M.s) were a lovely group of open-hearted, open-minded women interested in exploring their spiritual nature, their intuitive sides, their capacity for love and friendship. Our first trip together was to Lilydale for a past life regression workshop. We were led in relaxation and guided in meditation to take us back before this lifetime. We all had experiences that were interesting, at least. The meditation put us each into a different state than our “normal” mind state. Whether or not we accessed past lives… I can’t say for sure, can I?

We kept meditating at Moon Circle. Sometimes preceding intuitive exercises, art, or as part of a yoga practice. Some of us adopted a regular meditation practice on our own. And I have watched these women, and myself, become mediums. We’ve moved into what Michael Bernard Beckwith would call the Channel Consciousness stage of our evolution. It’s sort of a side effect of meditating. A “siddhi”, in Hinduism. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras caution about these extra-ordinary powers that one may develop from yogic practices. The Sutras want practitioners to know that this may happen. It’s not the goal – it’s just a part of opening to who we truly are. It becomes normal and ordinary – perhaps IS normal and ordinary.

The O.M.s, my friends, communicate with the dead, hear animals, feel others’ emotional states, sense what is physically wrong with people, channel glorious artwork, and know if their partner is cheating. These kinds of skills can come in handy – they can help people. You may have some of these abilities too. It’s natural. Or maybe you haven’t opened to them yet. Or maybe you don’t want to. (If you don’t want to, don’t meditate.) In addition to having superpowers, these friends are strongly feminine spiritual forces in the world. They are businesswomen, devoted moms and partners, helpers, healers, and authentic, loving friends to all. They have found the courage to be exactly who they are and express that as a life.

I don’t have a super-disciplined, wake-up-at-5-sit-on-the-cushion meditation practice. I am usually woken up by a two-year-old and/or a couple of giant dogs, and I’m off and running for the day.

I try to pause for gratitude at some point.

I sit on the meditation cushion for a few minutes if I find myself at home alone.

I go in and feel my heart center when I’m playing with my daughter.

I breathe and pray before I write.

I do these things because I found through meditation that a Loving Presence is always here and available. I found it to be undeniable, strong, energy-giving and calming. I found that I am connected to it at all times. I found that is flows through me in the form of prayers, blessings, ideas, prophetic dreams and Pure Love… if I let it.

Stop seeking.

Start finding.

Go in.

Meditate, or pray, or sit still, or do Chi Gong – something to bring you out of the habituated stressed-out mind state that most of us live in and accept as normal.

Whatever it is, allow it to open you to who you are, what you can be, and how you can add to the love in the world. 

 Lori Portka's beautiful artwork.


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