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Holy Moments


This is L J and Stephanie. They were married this past Saturday. The clouds parted for the first time all day, and the only time all weekend, for their wedding to take place.

As Stephanie walked down the aisle, their classically trained guitarist friend played “Here Comes the Sun” on his acoustic guitar. “True”, I thought.

I glanced at L J. He whispered, “I made a good decision.”

I was fortunate enough to be officiating this lovefest because a friend who once volunteered at a yoga center that I once owned recommended me to Stephanie. They liked that I am a yoga teacher (Stephanie is too), that I am Puerto Rican and Italian (he’s Puerto Rican, she’s Italian), that I’m an interfaith minister, that I offered them words for their ceremony that resonated with their hearts. It was kismet.

Our meeting was divine destiny.

As was theirs.

As is every moment I meet someone.

Every chance encounter, every interaction, our lives have led up to that moment. Byron Katie is fond of saying that she has waited her whole life to meet whomever she meets. A Course in Miracles invites us to see every interaction with another as a holy instant.

The grace and beauty was evident at this wedding. It’s easy to see the perfection of the moment when everyone is dressed up, happy, celebrating love.

I have been trying to hold on to the feeling of that moment… as I meet the contractor working on our patio, the mechanic inspecting the car, my husband home from work, yogis and yoginis looking to me in class…

This is a holy moment.

And so is this one…

And this one…


5 thoughts on “Holy Moments”

  1. This was a wonderful, beautiful heartfelt ceremony.
    Thank you so much for your inspiring words for two beautiful people, my neice & nephew Stephanie & LJ.

  2. Lisa,
    My cup runneth over…..God has certainly shined his face upon this precious couple with whom I am so highly honored to be the one chosen as Mother and Mother in law. No greater gift have I been given then this gift of Motherhood. Your words, your presence, your kindness in sharing this special feature is previlent of God’s great love for you. Thank You, with all of my heart!
    Nancy A. Knowles

  3. Just beautiful! I am a long time friend of Nancy, Stephanies Mom (whom I adore) Bless this couple through their wonderful journey together!

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