Being Bold

I get messages in dreams.

I get downloads while driving.

I have inspired ideas in the shower.

When my mind is in a relaxed state I hear The Divine, the truth, the answer.

It’s here. It’s available if we avail ourselves of it.

Shamanic Journeying is one of the ways I avail myself of it.

Rev. Riva gives me simple instruction. I lay down. She begins drumming. And it starts. I feel like I press the Play button, but from there the movie goes on and I watch.

On one recent Journey I found my power animal, Otter, at our usual meeting place. In my mind I asked him about my work and what I can know to move forward with ease and into abundance, that I may serve more people, and contribute more to my family and the world. He didn’t answer me with words – C’mon! That would be craziness.  He took me down the river with him, and then under, down deep into the water until we were in the depths of the ocean. We were suddenly among a pod of whales.

“Watch Whale”, I received.

And we watched. We watched a mother whale with her calf. We watched whales breach the surface. I got a flash of the view from above as well. Magnificent!









I thanked Otter and Whale and took the message out of that journey. In everyday consciousness I continue to process that, and try to implement it. Be bold and big, yet nurturing and graceful. Powerful displays of beauty with gentleness. Put myself out there and maintain the intention to serve and love. It’s a marketing strategy unlike no other – Be like Whale. I’m working on it.

As confirmation of this message (much like the sleigh bell from The Polar Express) I then received the painting that Lori Portka made for me as part of her Hundred Thank You’s project. Lori’s ideas are inspired. She prays before she paints. She sits down to create and doesn’t argue with what wants to flow out. I told her about that Journey shortly after she had completed my Thank You painting.

Here is what she made for me that hangs in the office where I work and write this now:


Hmmm. Peacock. Bold, showy displays. Beauty, grace. I’m listening.

You can listen too… to your spirit animal, your intuition, your inner guidance, your God. There are as many ways as there are people. May you find a path to Spirit that adds to your peace, your joy and your effectiveness in this life.


Of course you can Journey with me and the Rev. Riva herself, at Moon Circle on August 4th.


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