How to Face an “Opponent” – 5 steps I learned in the ring

Here’s a vid I made as soon as I walked in the door from boxing class; dried sweat, hair in a ponytail… my no-one-is-supposed-to-see-me look. See?! 

I couldn’t help it. It all rushed at me on the 4 minute drive home from the gym. These are actual things my trainers say to me. For context, it is a mixed martial arts gym – not just boxing. The owners are UFC champions (which I can’t even watch). My thoughts aren’t perfectly formed so excuse any stumbling. Here are the main points:

When we are up against something in life, we can take these 5 lessons from the ring…

1. BOW

Acknowledge the opponent

See what it is, who it is… maybe it is just yourself. If it isn’t, get all the facts known so far.


Take care of yourself

What good can you do for others if you are not taking care of you first? And if you are in an emotional challenge or really trying to make life changes, remember to be nice to yourself and take care of simple needs too.


Get a new perspective

Look at it from different places, different perspectives; to be open to new ideas or ways of healing, seeing, being. Get a third opinion… better yet, make up your own.


Be flexible in what you believe

When I don’t think I can throw another round or do another pushup I usually hear “Relax your mind”. They see the struggle on my face that is from my mind saying “I can’t.” If I let that belief go, often I can.




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