5 Things I Say that Seem to Help People

My client: “Like you told me…

My yoga student: “Like you always say..

Me: Nodding and thinking “I said that? Hmm.”

Here is what I have heard that I say (Maybe that means it is some good stuff, and can help someone, somewhere):

You don’t have to trust other people –

if by trust you mean expecting them to act a certain way for the rest of their lives (I don’t care if they promised to). That’s impractical, and silly. People do shit, crazy things happen. Trust yourself. Trust your god. You will then know all you need to know when you need to know it, can act accordingly, and you are always safe.

Stress is created by the mind –

by it going into the past or the future. Right now, in this moment, you are fine. Even during a crisis, an upheaval, a birth, a death… in this moment, and this one, and this one, it’s Ok.

The purpose of a relationship is to bring up that which you need to work on –

to expose the wound that wants healing. That goes for after it’s over too, so no need to stay to get the lessons. Thank you, Ex.

Alone, you are not enough.

You’re right, you’re not. Thankfully you are not alone. There is a connection within you to a Divine source of energy and wisdom that is more than you could need to perform any task, face any challenge and get through any day. Stop. Feel. Repeat. And there is a team of angels, in the heavens and on earth, waiting to assist you. Ask. Receive.

Certainty blocks possibilty –

so all of this is changeable. New truths may arise, new revelations are always around the corner. Stay open. Don’t know for sure. I don’t.



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