A Compelling Reason to Come to My Next Thing

Have you been meaning to come to one of my Sanghas?

Trying to get to a Moon Circle Retreat on Skaneateles Lake with me?

Want to do yoga outside on the next Full Moon?

Been meaning to make an appointment to come to my office for counseling?

Do it NOW, Kids, ’cause I’m moving.

My husband got a fab new job in Pennsylvania. We have yet to sell a house here in New York, and buy a house there in Pa. so it may be a few months before I have relocated but it’s really happening (I’m telling you and ME!). It’s all good – exciting, sad, fun, stressful… an adventure!

For context, my husband is from here:

Emporium, Pa.








I refer to it as Brigadoon (read the story synopsis if you don’t get the reference – He didn’t). His new position is about 30 minutes outside of Brigadoon, and a little further out than that is Treasure Lake. (Our 3-year-old thinks it’s called Treasure Map Lake, which sounds fun to her.) Treasure Lake reminds me of Mahopac, NY, where I grew up – houses in the woods, little beaches on lakes, yet with enough neighbors to make friends and discover it all with other kids as you’re growing up.

So, I felt at home there. My husband is almost home there. And I will be happy for our little Cami to call it home… Treasure Map Lake.

But back to you, especially if you live in Central New York…

I’ll be winding down at my office in Cortland, NY soon, so make appointments. After that we can have Skype sessions!

Come to the Moon Circle Retreat on Skaneateles Lake in October. I can’t guarantee that I’ll lead them here in the future… although I DO love the Finger Lakes and it would give me an excuse to drive up and visit my MoonGirls.  😉

Celebrate yourself and the blue moon on August 31st with yoga outside behind The MainStay in Cortland with me. 8-9:30 p.m. $20.

Come to my Sangha on the second Sunday of September at Pure and Simple Yoga in Cortland. Stay tuned for announcements about whether or not I’ll be here to lead it in October.

The internet, happily, is worldwide so you can count on Moon Circle staying there, Skype sessions being forever an option and a blessing from my writer angels or a ceremony penned by me reaching you wherever you are… wherever I may be.



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4 Responses to A Compelling Reason to Come to My Next Thing

  1. AmandaT says:

    Oh my!! Congratulations and best wishes. May your house sell quickly, may your inspection be sparkly, may your move be smooooooth. Wishing you well …Amanda

  2. Clare Murray Volo says:

    Lisa – I think of all that you have manifested in the past 6 years and all I can say is ~ Keep going! Keep growing! This move sounds correct for you, John and your wee one. I wish you well on your path. I will never forget the day, years ago, you said to me, “It’s time to become a yoga teacher, Clare.” Haven’t looked back since. Thank you for that gift. All the best and lots of love, Clare

  3. Katie says:

    Love you Lisa! Best wishes as you begin this new chapter in your life.

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