Loving Perspectives

Your Wake Up Call – from Your Self


Hey You, this is your True Self talking!


Wake up! Wake up! You’re dreaming! Your dreaming that you are not ready. You’re dreaming that you are not good enough. You’re dreaming that you are not worthy of love from others and your self.


Your struggle is not real. It’s a delusion. Everything is OK, I swear. You have all you need. There is nothing to be afraid of. You are not alone.


Just wake up! You’ll see! I’ll warn you though… When the fog clears, as you begin to awaken… what you find is going to knock your socks off!


Love, The Real You.


Here are 6 things you can do to snap out of it:

  1. Watch This. Be prepared. It’s a reality check – that life is short, that bodies are beautiful, that health is amazing, that Love is all that matters. Get a tissue.
  2. Get support, Girls. Women gathering is powerful, practical medicine. Start a book club, dinner club, or a Moon Circle. (Guys, not sure what your equivalent is – Dude Circle? Poker night?) It’s funny but no matter what pretext you gather women around I can guarantee you it will end up being a spiritual, loving coven of encouragement and growth. Ya can’t stop the Magic! This weekend at my online Moon Circle we are together breaking the Spell of the False Self and opening to Loving ourselves all the way – Now! How do you break a spell? With a kiss, of course! And then some.
  3. Clear old trauma and the beliefs that you took on, that are running on a loop in your mind and attracting validation for themselves. I use EFT and other Energy Psychology techniques for this on myself and with clients. Works like crazy. And there are other ways. Ask around. Try. At least question the bullshit that has taken up residence in there. Byron Katie’s Work is a fantastic questioning technique. Also, laugh at your thoughts. The Ego is hilarious!
  4. Feed the right dog. You know the story of the elder who says that he has 2 dogs fighting within him – one is angry and fearful and violent, one is loving and joyful and at peace? In case you don’t: When asked which one will win, he answers “The one I feed.” Don’t feed your stress with more on your to-do list. Don’t feed judgement by gossiping. Feed laughter with a funny movie. Feed love with hugs and Thank You notes.
  5. Move. Shake up the energy field in the body. Open those nadis and chakras – I don’t care if you don’t know what they are or believe in them. It feels good, it changes energy and perspective, it supports flow and health to do yoga, Zumba, hula hoop, rebound, run, walk, surf, ride…
  6. Stay still. Then make time to sit. Be quiet. Feel. Allow. Watch. Do nothing but pay attention, like you’re listening to a sound far away, or your lover’s whisper. Be open to the aliveness within you. It will become as real as this desk, this computer… and hopefully louder than your ego thoughts, your worries and the bad dream you were having.





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