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My 3 yr. old daughter goes to a preschool that is part of a Methodist church. One day she came home with a little poodle toy that she “won” for knowing the bible verse of the day. I asked her, “What was the bible verse?”

She said very slowly, “Put… on… love.”

Oh. Put on love. Hmm, I don’t remember that one… but I like it!

What if we woke up in the morning and put on Love… like cologne, or socks.

Imagine if you broke your arm, and put Love on it.

Or applied Love to all of your perceived problems.

It reminds me of how I was in my first marriage before discovering Al-Anon. I thought that my husband’s drinking was OUR problem. I told him what to do. I tried to control him, alcoholism, everything. Al-Anon helped me apply Love to the situation… and to the proper place. You can’t heal the wound by putting the salve on the wrong spot, right? You don’t want to operate on the wrong patient! I applied Love to myself first. I practiced taking care of myself and took responsibility for my own safety and happiness. That’s Love. That changed everything in my experience. And then I was capable of being loving toward him too.

I did leave eventually… with Love, for him and myself. So then I was going through a separation and divorce. Applying Love equalled napping, feeding myself well, allowing feelings to have their way as they moved through me, letting friends help me.

And Love showed up, as a reflection of my Love for myself I believe (enter husband #2).

I am working right now on a Journey for women where we apply Love to the perceived problem of our weight, size and body. I am practicing it with a wise friend. We both felt unhappy about our weight creeping up, and not happy with being unhappy about it. We wanted any changes to be made within Love and Compassion for ourselves. It has unleashed Magic.

Do you see anywhere you could apply Love in your life? Do you know precisely where to rub it in?

Here are some directions I found on the bottle:



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  1. Hi Lisa,
    I am a member of Al-Anon, as well as AA (22 years God-willing) in May. It was a long hard lesson to detach with love, I was detaching with hate and rage. With love, everything is so much easier, and nicer. Thank you for this post. Love and light, Gale

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