A Wish for My Daughter… and You.

I wish for you to know your Beauty
your Depth
your Essence as Love
your whole life.

I wish for you to look in the mirror
and see Radiance
in that earth suit
for as long as you have it.

I wish for you to dedicate your Life’s Energy
and your precious time
to Dreams and Happiness,
yours and that of others,
and not to squander it in pursuit of physical perfection
as defined by a culture gone mad.

I know that as I have
you may struggle
with what’s going on
with your body parts
and keeping your make-up fresh.
I wish you that freedom
because you are here
to learn and grow
to help and heal
to uplift and rise up
until you are Free of it all again…
when we’ll laugh
that we cared so much
about fat
and our hair.

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One Response to A Wish for My Daughter… and You.

  1. Emily says:

    Dear Lisa,
    This is so beautiful — I am going to print it, share it with my 6 year-old daughter, and keep it as a wish for her as she grows. And, I will read and reread for my own sake as well.
    Thank you!

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