Loving Perspectives

Are you feeling FAR from the one you love?













In a long term relationship we move in and out, closer and farther apart then close again. If you’re feeling far from your love at the moment, check in. Is it you? What have you been thinking about him or her? Where have you gone away/closed off/never fully committed or opened?

Maybe it is your beloved. Maybe it is he or she who is distracted, stressed, depressed, confused, overwhelmed, unsteady, afraid or otherwise unable to be fully present with you right now. If so, stay.

Stay and hold the center.

Be welcoming,


Fill yourself with light and life.

Be happy.

Work on your wholeness.

Be patient,

and wait.

Brew some tea

and bake something sweet for them.


Be the Home they can return to.


We move in and out, closer, apart, and back again. Granted, sometimes one person keeps moving farther and farther away. If that is not you, trust that you will know when the other is not interested in coming back to the relationship ever… and then you can stay, centered, and be there for yourself.


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