Everything you need IS inside you BUT…

My husband has a hard time finding things in the spice cupboard. That’s because we have a big, tall canister of sea salt that I keep in the front since I use it daily. When he gets frustrated and asks me to look for the thing he can’t find… vanilla, chia seeds, cinnamon… it is usually behind the sea salt.

Our last exchange regarding this went something like,

“It’s behind the sea salt. You just have to move the sea salt!”

“Well, put the sea salt in the back!”

“I use it every day, several times a day. I don’t want it in the back.”

As a yoga teacher and a guide I tell people that what you are seeking is HERE. It’s within you. It’s present right now. It needs only to be remembered, realized.

What I don’t say as often is that It may be behind the sea salt.

Or It may be in the very back of a closet where you have put so much shit that you don’t want to deal with that It’s been hidden for a long time. And who wants to dig through that? It can be tedious to go through all of our “stuff”.

When I first began using energy psychology techniques on myself (guided by my teacher Henry Grayson), releasing long-held beliefs and patterns that didn’t serve, I thought “Wow, this could take forever!”. But it actually doesn’t. A chip here and there and eventually the whole iceberg breaks apart and melts away. It was only a mountain of mind-made concepts anyway.

And maybe you can just cut right through the illusion, the fog, with a laser beam of focus and see and reach Peace, Ease, Joy, Acceptance, Freedom, Health, Energy, Inspiration, Abundance, Love, right now. Right here. That’s awesome.

For me, and lots of people I know, it takes seeing the stuff, removing it – with some technique that works for you, with laughter, or sidestepping it through meditation or movement – and then allowing and accepting the Goodness, the God-ness, as it is revealed.

Or maybe you just have to move the sea salt – that thing you think or believe or that unhelpful behavior you employ daily that is right in the way of a new reality,

like a shade pulled down

that is blocking

the Sunshine.




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