A Prayer for Grateful Days

Sometimes I forget that I am a prayer channel and that I have writer spirits at the ready. I searched the interweb and books full of blessings to no avail for a prayer to bless and begin Thanksgiving dinner, or any meal for that matter.┬áThen I remembered. So I sat down, asked, and began to hear and write these pieces – these little prayers of thanks, wishes, and blessings for the world.

After each one I heard, “Ashe” – a term in the Yoruba tradition that can mean “Let it be so”. It is said similarly to the way Christians say “Amen”. You can end each part with whatever feels true for you to say, and the pieces can be said in any order. I actually had the vision of printing it and cutting it into seven strips with one tiny prayer on each strip, then folding them and putting them in a bowl. The bowl can be passed around the table. Each person could read a piece, and all say “Ashe”.

I hope you enjoy it. And please share it.

Thank you. Ashe.




2 thoughts on “A Prayer for Grateful Days”

  1. Lisa, I loved your thanksgiving prayer and would like to use it for our thanksgiving dinner. Love and blessings, Corinne

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