2 Radical Things That Peace Requires

Hi Friends.

Here’s a link to a quick vid I made about the 2 most important things that peace requires of us. Watch if you want to be at peace often, more often… or even always. And if you’re really serious about wanting peace, come along with me and 6 other women on the Peaceful Heart New Moon Journey.

Much Love and Peace,



Post-Video Script: I gave a couple of examples of popular thinking that disturbs our peace. Here are a few more…

Having expectations of others (especially children and partners) is good, or keeps them in line, or is a way of valuing and protecting ourselves. The not-as-popular but peaceful mindset is to let go of all expectations of others as they are just being who they are and our expectations don’t change or control people anyway.

I’m stressed/busy/swamped/don’t-have-enough-time. To be radical, say to yourself, “I have plenty of time” all day long, and “what doesn’t get done today must have different timing”.

Everyone is out for themselves. It’s dog eat dog out there. I have to fight my way to the top. (Or any such belief in competition or struggle). Radically choose easy world, or hold the thought I tell my daughter each night before bed –

“You are safe, and all is well.”


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