How to Give Resolutions a Boost

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.

We do, however, have a Wish ball Christmas ornament that we each put a wish in and then find the next year. What I try to do when I put a wish in there is to think about how I want to feel this year or by year’s end. I wish for that.

Then my work begins to feel that.

To open to it, remember it, realize its existence here and now in my life.

I don’t seek it, because I know it’s not outside of me.

I do what I can and what I know works to help me get into it again and again… or try something new that might help me get there/here.

What I’m saying is that the external focus on behavior that we want to change or circumstances that we want to come about can sometimes backfire in creating in us a belief in our lack, un-wholeness, or imperfection… just like seeking love outside of ourselves, from others, can make us forget the well of love we are made of. When we give some out, touch it, remember it, then we feel love.

So, say you have a resolution this year, here is what I suggest:

Write the resolution down. Then write “because then…” And respond to that, as many times as needed until you get to the core of what it is that you desire to FEEL. Like…

I will exercise 3 times a week, because then

I will lose weight, and then

I will be healthier, and then

I will feel lighter and more energized.

But be honest. Maybe the goal of an exercise resolution is ultimately self-love, or confidence, for example. Either way, you can feel energy or self-love here and now… and also workout.

Here’s another one:

I will stick to a budget, because then

I will get out debt, and then

I will feel free.

Ok so do your budget work, and also notice freedom in your life – freedom to choose, all of the options you have, all that your everyday life offers all the time. Own being free.

They can go hand-in-hand, working on something on a practical level and adding the boosting power of energetic coherence – becoming that which you wish to manifest. The thing is “new-agey people” sometimes just do the latter – you know, because of the law of attraction misunderstood. And “realists” often just do the former – imposing their shear will or force to the point of exhaustion. I can say that because I’m “new-agey” and my husband is the “realist”. So I’m thinking if we work together – I’ll listen while he explains the spreadsheets and stick to the budget, he’ll join me in acknowledging all the freedom and abundance we already have – 2015 is going to be GREAT!

Love and Blessings for the Year Ahead,




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