I’m starting a spiritual community. Here’s why…

In November of 2014 I took a journey online with Liv Lane and Lori Portka – two amazing beings I had known before the course, called Infinite Purpose, began. For 8 weeks I received Liv’s channels messages from Spirit paired with a divinely co-created work of art by Lori.

I knew about the course before the course began though. In a guided meditation where we received a message, I was told that it was time again for a teacher. As soon I came out of that meditation I thought, “Liv!” So I looked online at her offerings but nothing resonated or sounded like what I needed at the time. Not even a month later, Lori told me that she and Liv were collaborating on a course that I might like. Everything in me said “Yes! This is it.”

Those weeks heightened my intuition, turned my dream life back on (as in prophetic and helpful dreams at night) and also required me to name and claim my most fantastical dream for my life. Putting it into words on our Facebook group I said “I lead an Interfaith community that shares healing with all, guides children to know their Divinity and connection to the One, and adds to the Love in the world…”

Like it set something into motion, I have been riding the wave of possibility to this moment where I have a date, a place, and a clear vision that I am ready to share with others. I am putting out this call for the community to gather. I am clear that this is not an “If you build it, he will come” situation. Rather, “If you come, we will build it.”

I have no interest in being everything and doing everything to bring this dream to life.

I see SoL (Spirit of Love) as a café, a gathering place, serving up coffee and love during the week and celebration services on Sundays. Church for the unchurched. A spiritual-but-not-religious non-profit organization. Classes and workshops. Healing sessions. SoL Kids Sundays and Vacation SoL School. Enlightening bookshelves and inspiring quotes. Members with a mission to add to the love and healing in the world, to be part of the awakening of the whole to its truest nature, and to serve with charitable work and with simple presence. (Read more about what we believe on the SoL page.)

I am open to the gifts that others have to offer… healers, teachers, musicians, baristas, accountants, lawyers, a tech team, a web designer, social media whiz (to name a few things I might need!)… and aware that powerful messages and sharing will come through many.

I am offering two SoL Celebrations each month.

If you have been looking for spiritual community,

If your inner voice is nudging you as you read about SoL,

If you wish to be part of the conscious creation of one community, one Spirit of Love…

Say Yes!

Contact me over at the SoL page, or show up at Metta Yoga in DuBois on a SoL Sunday!


One of Lori's inspiring paintings.


Love & Gratitude.


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