We Are Not Alone

I’m sure we are not alone in this. Feels like it sometimes, doesn’t it? But that’s mostly when we don’t reach out… to another being, here or in the Beyond.

You may be like me and have friends or trusted allies who hear, see, talk to and share messages directly from angels, the deceased, animals and spirit guides… or not. If not, that’s Ok. They are communicating with all of us. We can hear their guidance…

if we are open to listening,

if we don’t talk ourselves out of seeing the signs,

and if we ask for help.

Every religious tradition has an intermediary figure of some kind… saints, guardian angels, lesser gods, boddhisatvas, the Orisha, the Holy Spirit. Probably because we can’t take in the Whole of God. It’s a pretty big leap from here to There. We would have to let go of all of our ego thoughts, fears, doubts and limitations and try to sustain that while we talk to God. So given our human abilities and limitations, there are intermediaries, those we can go to directly for help and guidance… like, right now.

It can also be loved ones who have passed on. My grandfather took credit for bringing my husband to me (I wrote about that a while ago), and has also sent me signs in the form of blue jays and blue jay feathers when I need to remember that I, we, are not alone in this. I established blue jays as a sign for him on the day of his funeral. I asked to see a blue jay that day to know that he was there with us. I waited all day, looking at the church and the cemetery and the restaurant for the sign. Nothing. Nothing until I got back to my friend’s house where I was staying overnight. He opened the door and said “Look at all the blue jays in that tree!” A small tree in his yard was full of more blue jays than I have ever seen together in one place before or since.

My friend, Lori Portka, made me this lovely painting of it:


It reminds me that I am not out here, lost and confused, unsure, incapable, unprepared and alone. I am found, known, guided, needed, on purpose and always held.

I hope you feel that too.

A friend recently asked me how, exactly, to call to the angels for help. I would say sit, calm your mind by focusing on the breath, then pray… your words, or mine:

Dear _______________ 
(insert who or what intermediary figure you believe in)
Please be with me now.
I need you.
Please guide me to do what is for my highest good.
Please keep me from being distracted by my own negative thinking and judgments.
Please carry me through those moments when I am weary.
Please show me the way to vitality and Light.
I wish to remember clarity and peace,
ease and joy.
I wish to be surrounded by your love.
Please show me a sign of your presence today.
(Ask for something specific perhaps.)
Thank you.

Feel the energy in and around your body.






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