Compassion… it’s the new sexy.

I have a crush on my vet… or my dogs’ vet. You know what I mean.

I had a crush on my vet in New York too, which makes me realize that it’s not as much what these guys look like or how well I know them — because really, how well do I know them? — but how I perceive them… as kind to animals, caring and compassionate.

I know some of my friends are suckers for a man with a baby. Some people fall for their doctor or their therapist or someone else who is helpful and listens… because compassion is sexy.

I hope it’s the NEW SEXY.

What if we stopped over-valuing zero-body-fat physiques, symmetrical faces, celebrity, financial success and business influence? Let’s try to sell cars with ads depicting sexy dudes pulling a dog out of a hole in a frozen pond, or a bunch of hot moms volunteering at a school or beautiful people helping refugees off a raft to safety.

By “sexy” I mean aware of their oneness with all beings, in touch with that part of themselves that feels the suffering of another and jumps in to help.

By “hot” I mean giving of their time and attention to create a better experience and more nurturing environment for someone else to grow into who they are meant to be.

By “beautiful” I mean self-less — less concerned with themselves and more interested in how their gifts or resources could be of service to the whole of humanity and the planet.

We’re moving in the direction of defining these things in such a way, right?

Yes, we’re physical creatures, animals, and are attracted to that which looks, sounds, smells or feels gorgeous to us. But then, go deeper.

Go into the darkness, the depths, where pure potential lies and opens, blossoms, when light is shined there. What you see will be more stunningly radiant and beautiful than the Most Beautiful Person on this year’s People magazine cover. It’s The Heart — yours and mine. Ours. That’s why you can see it and realize it in someone else or in yourself. It’s one.

In the Bhagavad Gita the Divine is speaking and says

“He who is rooted in oneness realizes that I am in every being.”

Be rooted in The Heart. It wants love to reign and for us to help one another. It’s compassionate… and sexy.





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