Who Do You Think You Are?!

So, who do you think you are anyway?

A person saddled with responsibilities, navigating treachorous, unknown terrain to arrive at a place picked out for you like a pack mule on a million-mile march?

A human enslaved to the mind’s thoughts to be better, thinner, stronger, faster like a bionic woman or man created by crazed scientists?

I have an inkling that you’re MORE.

More of a pilgrim on a pilgrimage. More of a student in a school of the highest learning where the lessons are perfect and your own… and the degree is in Love.

Yes, some of the lessons are difficult. Some of mine have been — yet they seem divinely assigned. Like marrying an alcoholic to learn to focus on myself and to stretch into compassion. My curriculum apparently includes Patience 101, Acceptance 400 and Loving the Biological Form.

Yes, there’s pain. There’s heart-break. But maybe that creates a crack! A crack to shine a light in! Pour light in, Love in… until we’re all aglow.

Even if on our journey this lifetime we reach “enlightenment”, and in our Samadhi see and feel all things as one, we’ll still be responsible for our little part of it all.

Even if we perfect our behavior to be like Christ or attain the stillness of the Buddha, there must be love for ourselves.

So even if you don’t follow any of the rules today — the ones you said you’d stick to, or the ones given by your family or your faith — you’re still brilliant… a 1000-watt bulb lit up by Love.

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