Want to add to the love in the world and help turn the tide?

Sometimes I find my Self.

Genderless, ageless, faceless.

Without a story or a past.

Just here.

“Oh look, I’m living this life now,” it thinks.

I recently heard an interview with Adyashanti where he suggested that we ask, “What is it that is looking through my eyes?”

I have no answer that I can express in words…

But it has no preferences and no agenda,

Though it will help in any way it can.

It will give love and understanding.

It listens better than I do.

What I believe from these experiences is that a world of found Selves would be inherently peaceful. That we won’t heal the world from the outside in but from the inside out, because inside of each of us is clarity and love. We would know what to do for those around us who are confused, believing that they are something else — something that needs to defend a position or a belief, or be afraid, or hoard resources in order to survive. We would naturally care for those who need us, being sure they are fed and sheltered. Systems would cease to stand that are not serving the good of all. They would have no backing or support, and no one to maintain their philosophies.

To be found requires no money and little effort. The challenge must be, then, that it asks us to go against the grain and to drop out of the argument, the race, the struggle, the fight and the opposition to anything. It asks that we forget about being right, changing anyone else or making our mark. It is to put first seeking the Kingdom of Heaven, dropping into stillness, becoming of the Now. It’s not reactivity. It’s receptivity and responsiveness. It’s in the silence, and we’re used to noise.


My small part, I have been told, is to guide those first willing, those who are ready now, beyond the conflicts of the mind into the solace of the Self, beyond right and wrong to Rumi’s “field”. Do you want to come? Want to find your Self? Want to add to the love in the world and help turn the tide? It’s not rocket science. You can do it.


Close your eyes.


Feel, inside.

Allow it all.

When there is no more resistance, try opening your eyes and asking yourself, “What is it that is seeing through my eyes?”

Feel some more.

Would you like me to guide you live? Let me know. Through the magic of livestreaming and Skype I offer private SoL Sessions

and also I have been thinking about going live on my Facebook page with a short message and meditation on Sunday — Streaming SoL Sunday!

Would you come??



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2 Responses to Want to add to the love in the world and help turn the tide?

  1. Jody P Yost says:

    Would love it! So much better than drive to DuBois on Sunday morning…

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