Don’t Set an Intention…Yet.

Wait! Before you make a resolution, set an intention or bust out those scissors for a vision board, check this!

Is your resolution a punishment? 

Does your intention insult who you are now?

Are you coming from a place of desperation and unwittingly validating your fears?

Are you perpetuating the belief that you are not enough?

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in intending, and visualizing. It’s using the creative power of the mind rather than letting the mind create by default. It’s taking that Power Tool and beginning to carve a path to the heart’s desires. But a power tool in the wrong hands or in the wrong state can bring about confusion rather than clarity.

You are enough. You have done enough. You are where you are because of all you have learned and experienced thus far. You are amazing. 

AND it is possible to continue forward momentum, or to course-correct, with Love. 

With love for yourself. 

With compassion for yourself. 

With joy leading the way. 

With the heart telling you what it wants, and by following that glorious scent.

I made a big change two years ago. I cut flours and sugars out of my life after seeing the glowing face and slender body of a wise friend in a pic on Facebook. I wanted that. I felt that, despite my attempts at body positivity, I was in the wrong sized body. Also I thought about food and what I ate way too much. 

I asked my friend what she was doing. The answer was Bright Line Eating – which I am not promoting but just thought I’d end the suspense. It turns out that I was addicted to sugar and flour to some extent. It turns out that following that inkling, that listening honestly to myself, and that exploring what a trusted friend had discovered were acts of Love. I recruited a buddy to start with me. I was gentle with myself  and supported (and still am). 

I am not better than I was, or more loveable or more worthy. But I feel more free. I am more in truth.

I made a big change twelve years ago too. I left a marriage. It was an 18-year relationship – half of my life at the time. I left with love for myself, and him. I was following a call from within for a more intimate partnership.

I am not better than I was in my first marriage, or more loveable or more worthy. But I am in a new and beautiful place in life. I have grown and changed. I am more in truth.

What can you intend or visualize or resolve to create that would re-affirm your Goodness, your Wholeness, your Knowing? 

What is your heart calling for? 

What truth is in there waiting to be revealed and manifest in your life?

What if you resolved to listen more deeply to your Self and to Life, and to trust the process?

You may be led to just the thing you need, the place you are meant to go, the person who can help… if you are willing.

Life is like that. She is calling you. She is encouraging you. She is there for you. 

Know all of this. THEN intend.

Personally, I feel like now I am being called to create more, perhaps to write or speak to share messages and guidance. I also think that my phone and social media are a time suck and distraction, and perhaps an addiction, that if I’m honest could use addressing. 

So, how can I approach this with love? Well, I shall be gentle with myself as I learn. I am open to smart ideas that I have gleaned from others (like Marie Forleo and The Minimalists) and putting those into practice. 

I am following a call for less of one thing and more of another. 

I hear Life whispering. 

I know that if I trust her I will be led more into truth.

I am wishing you Joy in your life, or Freedom, or Truth, or Peace – whatever it is that you want to move into more firmly. 

You are already That. 

We are all in the process of Remembering.

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  1. Marianne Bertini says:

    Thank you for this simple logic. Took my breath away reading your words.

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