Loving Perspectives

May Our Spiritual Endeavors Serve the World

Your spiritual path is not for yourself.

Don’t lose sight of that if you start practicing yoga, or meditating, or studying with an enlightened teacher. Insights may begin to come. You may know things, see the future or auras, attune to the medical or physical needs in others, or experience any number of “special”, though natural, powers. 

Don’t stop there. 

Don’t get distracted. 

Keep going.

My friends and I used to gather monthly as a tribe we called Moon Circle. Seven women getting to know ourselves, practicing meditation, intuitive and creative exercises, and supporting each other in becoming. 

And one started to hear dead people. Another, animals needs and wants. One opened up her creative channel and out poured beautiful and inspired works of art.

My writing began to flow and come to me whole and complete as if a manuscript was dropped off. Like now. I sat down to write about something else which is turning into this – this message about the importance of giving what Spirit gives, back to the Whole.

It’s not for you alone.


Be bold. 

It’s true that what you offer may not be for everyone. We are at different places in our development, emotionally and spiritually. But those who are just below you will be lifted by your words, your art, your certain kind of caring that is born from Divine Love and compassion.

Bring the peace you have found to a world in desperate need of it.

Bring the acceptance of self to others that they may feel accepted.

Bring useful information to anyone willing to hear it.

Mostly, share your Awareness with those you live and work with.



In action and attitude. 

Let your presence be a gift and your energy grace the space where you stand, whether or not you utter a word.

Embody your spirituality. Then, your path is for everyone.

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