There is the one in our head. Our mind. Our thoughts. A ceaseless display of judgement, categorizing, concerns, plans, reminders and control. As a result our emotions are activated. Up. Down. Tranquil or tumultuous.

There are the voices of others. Mainly, their thoughts. We take them in, reject them, judge them as useful, useless, infuriating, comforting or otherwise. As a result we feel better, worse, confused or content.

This is the chaotic, unpredictable, ever-changing surface of the lake.

There is another voice. It is ever-present beneath the surface. Deep below, where it is dark and calm. It can go unrecognized for its quiet power. It sounds different. Stillness is usually required to hear it. 

Although it can surface in times of great distress or trauma, loud and clear as a bell. In desperation we open to it. It is unchanging, ineffable and yet loving. 

It can heard within and without. 

Sit. Wait with no expectation and an energy will rise inside you. With it may be knowing or inspiration or the answer you were seeking, if you have the ears to hear it.

Listen. In silence it may reveal itself in the wind, as the wind, or another element. It is formless and may take any shape to reach you. You will know it if your heart is open in the moment. Only in the moment.

Have you heard the voice I speak of? 

She has told me when to pay attention many times in my life. When someone or some thing was significant, was my next step, or even where I would live. 

She has said, “Keep going. You’re on the track.” And “No. That is not for you.” 

As well, She knows when it is time to move on.

(She has no gender yet takes no offense that I refer to Her, I’m sure.)

She is Peace and Love and always encourages me to be me. To be more and more myself. And the more I listen to this voice the more I become aware that we are One. That’s the irony.

So, have you heard this voice?

Shhhh. Listen.

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