Mother’s Day Sermon

There is a perfect mother; one who never tires, who thinks only of you, who is always here, always near – as near as your own heart. A Mother from whom we came and to whom we will return.

We are so busy with this world, so distracted by this limited life and peoples’ limitations that we forgot that there is a Divine Presence in which to trust, in which to rest. One that we can channel and offer to the world. We have only to drop our burdens and be still in Her Presence to know that she is real, to tune in to her vibration. To walk around like that, tuned to that station, aware of Her Love, is a gift to all beings.

The Divine Mother also comes as life offering you teaching; the same lesson again and again. She is Eternal Patience.

She teaches and guides like a mother – gently and quietly at first, then more loudly and directly. Her guidance comes as you need it, and if you ask for it. Call to Her. Ask for help. She will come.

She is always offering Perfect Wisdom but you must be quiet and admit that your thoughts are not perfectly wise.

She looks like life. She looks like all of your mistakes and yet you are still here. She looks like every day and the opportunity to open your eyes and your heart to Her Love.

Whether or not you are a mother of a child, we can all bring the energy of the Mother into a world that is crying for mothering, that has forgotten the way and has forgotten that there is a Benevolent Universe holding each of us… holding the whole thing.

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