The Parts We Play

Sometimes I realize the part I’m playing. His wife. Her mother. The teacher. The guide.

I’ve been some of these before, in another time and place. Or maybe it’s all happening now. I’m not sure how that works. I just know that I Am something that has been here throughout.

And so are you.

Remember when you were a little kid? – being inside of yourself experiencing a special moment or big event, good or bad?

You were there.

And You are here.

Even though your body has changed. Your brain has changed. The situation and circumstances have become something else and time has moved forward as we know it to do. You think different thoughts and have an improved vocabulary.

Yet, You are still here. Now experiencing this. Now reading this.

Ask: Who is it that is still here, that is unchanged, that will still be, being me, tomorrow?

Sometimes I feel myself as That. And I chuckle at the part I’m playing and how everyone else is going along with it. It’s an inside joke between Me and myself, and you.

Who you are is not your successes or failures. It’s not your job, your kids, your worries, your body, your emotional highs or lows. Those are fleeting; parts you’ve played, experiences you’ve had and opportunities you have taken or not to grow into the awareness of Who You Really Are.

Who You Are has been since you were born, and before that, and will be after you die. And getting a hold of It, even for a moment in time, is sweet relief. Relaxation. Trust.

And love. So much love.

Enough to change the world.

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