Here’s What I Do

I’m not a psychic reader, exactly. I don’t see your future if I hold an object of yours. I don’t (usually) hear your loved ones on the other side. I don’t see areas of imbalance or dis-ease inside your body. I don’t know what your dog is thinking.

I do know people who do all of these things however so hit me up if you need a reference.

I think what I do is best described by an old term. It’s outdated or just not used anymore. But remember “ESP”? It used to be the term for psychic phenomenon, mind reading, spoon bending and the like.

E.S.P. Extra Sensory Perception. I’m reviving the term because it literally applies here.

My gifts lie in my perception. I have extra clarity. Extra-quick awareness. Extra-wide perspective at times. I can see before others can the cause of their suffering, the gifts they are not valuing and the path to their freedom.

So I work 1 on 1 with clients or lead groups online and on retreat. I relay the information that I see through my Perception.

Also, I am given information through intuition, for sure. I may have a sudden knowing of what distortion of the truth we are dealing with. I just get an idea or “hear” a phrase (hear in my mind).

And I can feel what you feel. I use that empathic sense for information while we work. I notice the change when something is energetically released or feel where it is stuck in the body.

Those seem like Extra Senses too.



I am going to use my Extra Senses and Perception for the participants of the Owning Your Soul Gifts New Moon Journey that begins with the New Moon at the end of September. It’s an online journey for a small group so that each person gets individual attention to move forward with the moon cycle.

Join us if you are ready to see what is holding you back and take a big leap forward into owning your Soul Gifts and putting them to work in your life.


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