Loving Perspectives

Be Moved

Tears rolled down my face when I saw the Grand Tetons, an Aurora Borealis and the Caribbean Sea. 

I can barely listen to Adele sing without crying. 

My insides shook for weeks when I left a marriage, and all I had thought my life would be. 

Sometimes I’m so mad that I get hot. 

It’s all OK. We are supposed to be moved.

Yet we are taught to hold on and stand strong – in our convictions, opinions, and beliefs.
We seek assurances. Rules to follow to make everything turn out just so. The formula for happiness, true love, perfect health and then entrance to a heaven after all of this. We would rather things stayed where we put them.

But this life is a wild river leading to an ocean. Sometimes smooth and calm, sometimes stormy, raging. Always flowing. It cannot be contained or controlled.

We are meant to flow here. To be moved. To be taken, dragged or gently, to new shores.

We are meant to be moved so that we learn that all this is ephemeral. That there is no safety in gripping onto someone or something here. That it’s painful to try to stand still while the river rushes by. It’s exhausting to attempt rowing against the tide to keep your boat in one place.

We are meant to be moved so that we change our minds and open our hearts. So that we are teachable. Malleable. How can Life guide one who is set in stone? 

If Life is trying to move you, move. She wants to fill you with the realization of Love, but you have to be empty; not full of knowing, righteousness, shame or sorrow. 

Beginner’s Mind, Buddhists know, is what allows truth to be revealed – letting go of preconceptions, being uncertain and yet willing.

We are meant to be moved so that we learn to feel Love. 

When we cry from the beauty and sweetness in life, that is Love. Overflowing, pouring out our eyes.

When we are scared or hurt, what’s called for is Love. We need to reach out to others. We need to love ourselves.

Anger is a messenger of what can be done to bring Love into the situation or into the world, if we listen carefully.

Then we realize that Love is the constant. That Love will never die. That Love is here, in the depths. And that it’s the one thing that we can take hold of that will not leave, because it is our essence.

Be moved.
By overwhelming beauty and unimagined sorrow.
Let anger move you and fear shake you 
Into discovering the love that lies within.

Love & Blessings.


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