The Gift of Spirit Help

There is a gift that you have that you may not be using. 
You put it away without realizing it was a gift.
Or never took it out of the box.
Or saw it but didn’t believe it could be real so tossed it aside.

It’s your connection with the spirit world,
with your loved ones who have crossed over,
with angels and guides and helpers in invisible form.

What? You don’t believe in invisibility? In things you can’t see?

They are real. As real as a breeze, as music, as full body chills and the warmth of the sun. 

What you “see” is the evidence of calling in spirit help. The opportunity that appears, the people that you meet, the idea that pops into your head that you can follow to your desire-come-true.

I forget to ask for help from Them sometimes. I struggle or stress until I remember that I am not alone. Then I feel that I am surrounded by Love. Then I see it in the world and my everyday life. 

I have psychic friends, mediums and spirit channels, who I sometimes remind to ask their Guides for help. To check in with the Ancestors or call to their beloved relative on the other side.

A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as a change in perspective. It’s the shift from seeing ourselves as separate and alone and vulnerable to recognizing our connection to the Divine and everyone/everything else as part of it too. In that we would know the Love that is available, the safety that we have, and the invisible team at the ready, waiting to be called upon.

We have free will, to struggle or not. To go it alone or to open to Love, Grace and God. We have to be willing to receive the miracle, to see things differently and to have a different experience of what is happening. 

We mobilize help from beyond by asking Them to help us – to learn the lesson, to find the way, to meet our person, to be of service, to get through a tough time, to have the courage to grow and change. You can call to a dear one who has departed this life, to a sage or prophet from the past, to a spirit guide who is with you whether you know their name or form or not.

Then expect results and be willing to do your part. Notice what is shown to you. I always explore something if it’s mentioned or pops up 3 times; a book, a method, a teacher. I met my husband on a website that was mentioned to me twice and then I saw an ad for it. Third time! OK, I’ll try it.

And always say “Thank you.” Acknowledge that you received Their message or whatever help was sent. Keep the relationship and communication going.

Open the gift of Spirit Help in your life. 
It was freely given. 
It is yours to accept.


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