Dear Class of 2020

Let the coronavirus define you. 

You are The Quarantined Graduates.

The Class of COVID19.

The ones who stayed home; who could not go out and celebrate.

Remember this. Learn from it. Grow. 

Change the world for the better for all of those who came before you and who wished for more compassionate policy, better care for all citizens of earth, and greater care for the Earth Herself. 

Change it for the generations to come; your children and grandchildren. What world would you leave for them so that they may navigate the challenges of their time with more ease, or togetherness, or grace, or clarity? 

Every challenge is an opportunity. This is a big one. Can you see, with your young eyes, the error of our ways up to this point? Can you apply your unique gifts to a world in need of enlightenment?

Whatever your proclivity and your talents, wherever your keen interest lies, follow and use them in service to humankind. I’m not suggesting that you solve all of the world’s problems. I am suggesting that you bring your own brilliance more fiercely and bravely onto the stage after witnessing, taking in, and being moved, scared, bemused or angered by what we went through as you graduated. 

Let it define you, carve you, hone your powers and ignite your Spark. 

Congratulations and Many Blessings.

~Reverend Lisa Sarick

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