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Listening to Life Whispers: Part 2

Have you ever been watching a movie at home and you hear a noise that calls for investigation?

“Shhh! What was that?” and you freeze. You pause the movie. The characters in the film are frozen too.

Everyone goes silent and still to listen.

Sometimes Life speaks to us in a “voice” that is in the background like that. It’s there but not as loud, flashy or noticeable as the movie that we are starring in right now. It can come as a feeling inside. It can be a thought dropped into the mind. An idea that was never there before.

It calls for investigation. We have to get silent, and still, to listen to it.

This can easily be a regular, daily practice in our lives, especially if we don’t make it overcomplicated. I’m not talking an hour a day of meditation. I’m talking about a pause. A breath. Stillness. Then listening with our whole being.

I’m suggesting a moment each day of receptivity.

It’s probably easiest seated but you can be in any position as long as you can stop moving.

Exhale completely. Then inhale. Exhale again. Let the breath flow naturally and tune in to your body. Scan from the top down but on the inside, and notice what you can notice. What emotions are present, physical sensations, energy?

Life whispers to us with changes inside – like weather conditions changing over our inner landscape. She is telling us how we are feeling about what’s happing right now. She’ll offer us what we need to know. Just be open. Receive on all levels. Allow it to be as it is without needing to make sense of it.

Be still. Feel. Listen. Without expectation or demand. You are familiarizing yourself with that landscape within.

You’re fine tuning your dial to the station of the Universe.

Then when a signal comes in, you’ll hear it. You’ll know to stop, and listen. And receive.

End with gratitude, building that trust and that relationship (see Part 1), even if “nothing” happened.

You made yourself available. You established a connection. You are becoming the receiver. The Life Whispers can get through to you now.

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