Divine Nourishment

We need Divine Nourishment.

Soul Sustenance.

Heart-filling experiences and mind-soothing moments.

Those are different for all of us. For some it is being together with others, physical contact and communing. It can be reading inspirational books or articles. Vigorous exercise or restorative yoga. Being helpful or of service. Receiving acknowledgment and achieving.

What sustains you? What fills you up?

Personally, I most often crave solitude and silence. I revel in connecting with Spirit, sitting and feeling the energy within, and being guided from that place to write or to sit longer. I am also enlivened by being with my friends, deep conversation and cozy environments.

It’s worth reflecting on what is Divine Nourishment for you. If physical contact and large gatherings are it for you, I know this time must be hard. I know that the experience does not translate completely through the screens. So what else fills you up? Can you get a little extra of that?

Also, it’s worth reflecting on what drains you. What is under your control that is actually zapping energy or weighing you down?

Just like some foods are nourishing and keep us light and vital and some make us heavy, sluggish and even sick, the experiences we are consuming are illuminating, or not.

I had to admit that social media was feeding the angry dog, as they say, and delete my accounts. I’m working on my news consumption. Too much has been making me distracted, scattered.

Our natural state is centered, calm and energized. It is peace. It depends not so much on outer circumstance but more on a strong connection with Self, a full heart and a bit of mastery over the mind.

Fill your heart. Take in Divine Nourishment. Take a deep breath. That’s always a great start.

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