As I See It

Do you want your self-help or spiritual advice with sugar on top of it? 
Then my work is not for you. I don’t do that.

I call it as I see it. And I see it. I see the bullshit – the excuses, the old patterns replaying, the projection onto others, fears, addiction, unfounded concerns and unhelpful familiar beliefs. I see how you love these things. Your attachment to them has developed over years, decades. 

I understand. I have had them and held them and loved them too. 

It became a joke between my wusband (husband, past tense) and I that when my parents or his parents were coming for a visit and we were cleaning the house and generally preparing to have guests, that I would have to wash the dogs. Myself. In the house. A huge Lab and a very fluffy Eskimo who took a long time to blow dry. 

After he mocked me for needing to add to my stress by having to wash the dogs, we laughed. And I saw. I saw that I had some underlying anxiety that I wasn’t dealing with and that somehow adding ‘Wash the dogs’ to my to-do list helped to justify it.

I have seen lots of my own lies.

I saw my own lie that he needed to stop drinking for me to be happy.
I saw the lie that I had to try to control outside circumstances for my peace.
I saw that I felt less than worthy of all good things and that I was afraid of being happy.

More recently I discovered that I was addicted to sugar. 
And I found myths about authority that have precluded me from owning what I know and what I can offer the world.
I am constantly shedding the unnecessary.

Maybe it’s possible to sail through life in our natural, pure state – if we are raised by wolves or some other wild, enlightened creature and protected from society’s beliefs and imposition. Yeah, not likely.

This life is a process of taking in and then undoing. Undoing all that we unwittingly accumulate as we grow that’s untrue or unhelpful. Shedding the layers to uncover the treasure always waiting inside – the True Self, the Natural Self. Peace. Grace. Joy. Ease. Connection. Love.

All else is contrived and kept by the mind.

Are you willing to let it go, for yourself and for the world?

Then you might like my sermons and writing. You might want to work with me 1-on-1, come to a SoL Sunday Celebration in person or virtually via Facebook Live, or attend a Sermon on How to Get Your Shit Together online.

I would be honored to walk a part of your path with you, share stories and truth, and tell you what I see.



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In yoga the positions are each called “Something”-asana. Asana meaning pose or posture.

Your feet go here and your hands there and your heart lifts or your finger interlace or any infinite number of bodily configurations. The poses stretch the muscles and fascia, squeeze glands and organs, strengthen the body, build endurance, balance and equanimity. You focus on your breath and keep the mind in the moment.

Great start.

Then what?

Then more and more difficult asanas? Foot behind the head? (By the way, I can’t do that.) Flip your down dog to a backbend? (Workin’ on it.) Handstand? (Not there yet.)

Perhaps. We do want go to the edge of our comfort zone, to the place where growth occurs. So when the edge moves, we move.

Another option is to stay in the poses we have. Stay in them longer. Or do them again, over and over. To allow the body’s knowing to take over that part, to do the poses by rote. And to take the mind, the attention, the awareness outside the comfort zone

See what you meet there, at that edge. 

It starts by turning attention within and feeling. At first you might find discomfort or boredom. Who else? Anxiety? Anger? Sadness? What sensation? What body part that has been seeking your attention is suddenly audible?

Can you be with them all? Hold all of that in gentleness? Accept your whole self as you are on the mat at that moment?

The first time you go there, tears may flow – tears of reunion, of Yoga. Self-acceptance can feel like getting a hug from your beloved after months or years apart.

I call this Beyondasana. 

Let’s go there. 

Beyond the physical and the positioning. Into the experience of Self. Witnessing the miracle that is the body, the breath, the emotions and sensations. Finding ourselves as the Loving Awareness in which this is all unfolding. 

We are beyond our bodies. 

We are beyond our thoughts. 

We are beyond the fluctuations of emotions that swell and recede. 

We are beyond what has happened to us, what we have or have not accomplished, and all of our well-meaning plans for the future.

We start to encounter that Self while we wait patiently in a pose. It can be the simplest of poses. Sitting comfortably is the only pose mentioned in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, the ancient text and practices from which many of our modern yoga lineages stem. Or we can find the Self in a familiar flow on repeat.

After going within and feeling, it’s a relaxing and expanding of the mind and the perspective. Pan out. Notice the goings on within and outside of you as one unified field. 

Then notice Who Is Noticing.

When you awaken this Love, please bring it to the world.

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Beyond Sit, Stand, Kneel.

I loved the ritual of church. Sit. Stand. Kneel. Frankincense melting and smoke wafting. The ambience of light streaming through colorful stained glass. The processions, and performance of acts done in a way, for so long, by so many.

Then came the talk.

When I was really little, I tuned it out.

When I started to listen, I was confused. Why was I not getting the same good feeling from the priest’s words?

When I started to think critically, it was over. It didn’t make sense. It didn’t match up. God was everywhere but not within me? God loved everyone but you couldn’t be gay?

My most recent church service experience was at a church with big production value. Big screen. Great music. Uplifting from the start.

Then came the talk. The teaching.

A letter from someone centuries ago warning of the debauchery of women laying with women that could happen if we didn’t submit to (his definition of) God. Read with an air of that’s-what-it-says-here-don’t-shoot-the-messenger.

WHAT?! Ugh.

Yesterday I saw the boy from a church group in apparent confrontation with Native American Elder Nathan Phillips as he chanted ceremonially, in Washington DC.

“The boy needs love,” I thought at that moment. And wondered, “What are his elders teaching him?”

Can’t we teach love?

Can’t we teach how to love?

I believe so. I propose first and foremost as acceptance of one’s self. Compassion for one’s self as we are. Encouraging the inner work needed to heal, forgive and to connect with the peace that resides at our core. Teaching love from the inside out.

Once we get that, compassion for others comes easy. The desire to help and offer our unique gifts to the world is a no-brainer. Reverence for all forms of life is natural. Inspired action and answers abound. Unity is recognized and sought after. The Spirit of Love, the Beauty of God, the Consciousness of Christ can then flow from us and grace the earth and every one.

The talk and the teaching is important.

The talk can come from Love.

Addendum: I have read the student’s account of his confrontation with Nathan Phillips and have seen more video. It seems that there was much division and seeing the “other” as a threat or the enemy that day at that place.

I see the issues and dynamics of that particular event differently now.

The solution remains the same – teach Love.

Teach it till we find that there is no other.

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