My talks are always interactive, enlightening and usually funny, but, fair warning, swear words spill out of my mouth at times. So, if you’re not easily offended…

Yes! I would be glad to speak at your wellness event, spiritual conference, yogic gathering or wisdom summit! Online or in person (when and where we can gather safely, of course). Below are a few topics that I feel passionate about. I can easily taylor a talk to the theme of your event as well.

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How to Suffer Less

Much of our suffering is self-imposed. That means that we can do something about it. It is within our power to suffer less.

Pain is inherent in this human experience. It’s part of the deal (yes, there was a deal that we made before we came here). Suffering through this life, however, is optional. We choose suffering when we decide to resist Life Herself – when we argue with what is, try to control what is beyond our scope of influence or grab on to that which is ephemeral as our source of contentment.

In this talk I outline the simple things we can do to live with less suffering and more peace. I share my personal, relatable story and how I moved from suffering in an alcoholic marriage to learning, growing and thriving, without my external life situation changing much at all. I show you how to transform your experience right now to one of ease and joy and not waste another day mired in stress or struggle.

It is my deepest desire to guide others to suffer less.

Stop Seeking, for Yogis and other Spiritual Seekers

There is a trap that yogis and other spiritual seekers can fall into, which is to continually seek but never to find. To move the target while working to attain levels or certificates or approval from self or others. Meanwhile, the world needs more Enlightened Ones, more Found Selves, for a collective awakening, like yesterday.

The good news is that we can wake up now, to Who We Truly Are. We can bring our Truth forward in our present state and right where we are.

In this experiential talk I guide you to the Everpresent Reality that is within. I offer several ways to have to experience of your True Nature, since different things work for different people. I relay my personal experience with remembering, and forgetting, Who I Am and share my daily, and nightly, practices. I also address potential obstacles to our awakening and how to clear them from our path, so that we can wake up already and add to the Love in the world, today.

Relating to Yourself in a Way that Helps Your Relationships

“Human interaction can be hell. Or it can be a great spiritual practice.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Relationships are the college-level courses of this Earth School. To get the lessons and ace the course we must know and love ourselves. Otherwise relating to others will be hell. We can attract partners with whom we will have a great deal of disharmony. We can repeat unfulfilling patterns. We can get stuck in judgment and blame, or shame and guilt.

I wish for women especially to be able to love themselves and to steer clear of bad, even dangerous, relationships and to find happiness with a partner or without one. So, in this important and interactive talk I guide you in changing within yourself that which is contributing to disharmonious relationships. I share my own story of growth through relating and how I moved into a state of being that attracted who and what I really wanted in my life. We use energy psychology techniques and other tools to clear out the old thought patterns and trauma, and to extract the lessons and the strength from the past.

Also, I have add-ons!

While I’m there (wherever this mythical place is), I would love to lead

  • A yoga class with a sound healing savasana.
  • Cacao Ceremony with a guided journey.
  • Meditation practice.

Here is a bio you can use to tell people about me:

Reverend Lisa Sarick is an Ordained Interspiritual Minister, a Registered Yoga Teacher and the author of 12 Sermons to Get Your Shit Together: Pithy Spiritual Guidance to Suffer Less and Be Happy More. She holds a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy, trained extensively in energy psychology, and dabbled in reiki and sound medicine. She knows nothing about astrology, hardly anything about crystals and feels called by the moon cycles and the lakes of Upstate New York. She’s married to husband 2, has a tween daughter and always at least one dog. She’s naturally bossy and has channeled that gift into guiding others to open to the spiritual aspects of life in hopes of helping them to experience ease and joy rather than stress and struggle. Her self-professed mission is to add to the love in the world.