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5 Steps to Making 2017 the BEST. YEAR. EVER.

It’s not about resolving, getting a FitBit, setting a goal or quitting anything. You don’t have to join a program, invest lots of money or lose any weight. Here is what I propose: 1.) Let it go. Yep, cue Idina … Continue reading

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Do it for someone else.

Sometimes leading yoga class I have the students pair up to begin. They sit back-to-back with their partner (whom they may have just met). They breathe together. Then they dedicate their practice to one another. I encourage them to really … Continue reading

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I’m Freecycling a Spot in my Upcoming Retreat!

Preparing to move has me Freecycling like a mad woman. Have you heard of this? You post to your local group what you have to offer, or something you are looking for. Then someone who wants it or has it … Continue reading

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