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Care What Other People Think of You

This might seem like unusual advice from a spiritual teacher. I read memes and quotes that say “Don’t care what other people think of you” portrayed like it’s enlightened thinking or spiritual badassery. It isn’t. Not caring what other people … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Confession

There is a lot of judgment around mothering. There is great expectation¬†because¬†we have an idea of what mothering is, of what it should be. If we didn’t get that we feel as if something is missing. We are wounded. We … Continue reading

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Things both of my husbands say about me, so they must be true.

If my first husband met my second husband… I think they would really get along. They could talk about how messy I am as a cook – that I use every spoon and fork in the process and don’t clean … Continue reading

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