From engagements & anniversaries to baby showers & grand openings …
everyone loves a good celebration!

As an ordained Interfaith minister, I offer ceremonies, prayers & Love for people of all faiths, with the intention to serve the One. I am legally able to officiate weddings — and do so, with great joy. But for me, weddings are just the beginning … we can commemorate all of life’s rich & exciting events, with personalized rituals & ceremonies.

I’d love to work with you to create a completely original ceremony — one that honors a moment of healing, harmony & hope for your relationship, your identity, your career, or your family.

All of my ceremony services begin with a complimentary phone conversation — with no obligation to proceed, if I’m not the Guide you need. I focus on serving clients in the Central Pa. area, but can also create self-guided ceremonies & BIY (Bless It Yourself) rituals for people to perform, independently… Or you can fly me to an exotic locale for your event.

Here are just a few of my favorite ceremonies, rituals & blessings — if you’ve got something a bit different in mind, I’d love to hear about it!


Can I just say it, out loud? I LOVE weddings! I’ll craft a ceremony to reflect your intrinsic beliefs, and the style & tone of your wedding day — with the spirit of limitless Love, for the self, the beloved & the sacred. I can even weave your own beautiful love story into the service, so your wedding is as truly YOURS as possible. I officiate wedding ceremonies in the greater Central Pa. area – Treasure Lake in DuBois and surrounding areas including State College, Lancaster and Pittsburgh. I am also available for destination weddings.  $650 +.

Bridal Blessing Day                                                                                                                                     A sacred alternative to the traditional bridal shower, this ceremony allows the bride-to-be to feel supported & witnessed by female friends & family, before one of the most meaningful transitions of her life. We gather for a tea ceremony, a relaxing essential oil ritual, and more… Hours of laughter & love — creating an intimate memory the bride will treasure, forever.
At location of your choice, or even in your home. Up to 10 participants. $500.

Baby Blessings
A customized ceremony to welcome your little one, at any age, into the circle of Love. Invite family & friends into your home, and together, we’ll bless bless the path that lies ahead. $300.

Home & Business Blessings
A sacred beginning to life in a new place! Clarify your intentions, for your new home or workspace — and bless all that unfolds, under your roof. Home & Business Blessings can cleanse energetic clutter, making your space more welcoming & comfortable. They can also spark productivity & creativity, delivering gorgeous opportunities to your doorstep. $300.

Space-clearing Ceremonies
With loss, comes rebirth. If you’re beginning a new chapter of your story — a new relationship, a new career, selling a home or repurposing a room— clear your space, with intention & purpose. We’ll use spoken-word poetry, prayers, smudge sticks & energy clearing techniques to release the old and open to the future. Space clearing can free you to move forward in your space in a new way… or to release it to someone new, with Love. $300.

Coming of Age Ceremonies
As an alternative to the traditional bar mitzvah or quinceañera, we can create an Interfaith ceremony to celebrate your not-so-little-one’s transition from childhood to young adulthood — in a supportive circle of peers, mentors & family. Ring in the future — with Love. $300.

Closure Ceremonies
Loss comes in many forms — from the devastating departure of a loved one, to the bittersweet end of a business. Honor your grief, with an open heart towards the future — with an intimate Closure Ceremony. These ceremonies can be woven into traditional funerals & wakes, or performed with just a few people, at home. Seal the past. And start anew. $300.


“Lisa Sarick did a wonderful job officiating our wedding ceremony.  The ceremony that she designed was so beautiful that guests were asking for a copy of it.  Because Lisa was so great to work with, we decided to have her do the baby blessing for our one year old son.  Her ceremony was both unique and yet again, beautiful. “- Rob and Leigh

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“Lisa led a House Blessing Ceremony for me. It was so touching. The first week I lived at the house I felt as though I was a guest in the house. After the ceremony, I immediately felt as though “this is my house”. My friends and family enjoyed the celebration as well and all commented on the love they felt as we made music while cleansing and walking through each room. I loved hearing the well wishes and love from my loved ones. It was the first of many parties I will host in MY new home.”  – Alicia Wood, Life Coach – Where Will Your Path Lead?