Mother’s Day Sermon

There is a perfect mother; one who never tires, who thinks only of you, who is always here, always near – as near as your own heart. A Mother from whom we came and to whom we will return.

We are so busy with this world, so distracted by this limited life and peoples’ limitations that we forgot that there is a Divine Presence in which to trust, in which to rest. One that we can channel and offer to the world. We have only to drop our burdens and be still in Her Presence to know that she is real, to tune in to her vibration. To walk around like that, tuned to that station, aware of Her Love, is a gift to all beings.

The Divine Mother also comes as life offering you teaching; the same lesson again and again. She is Eternal Patience.

She teaches and guides like a mother – gently and quietly at first, then more loudly and directly. Her guidance comes as you need it, and if you ask for it. Call to Her. Ask for help. She will come.

She is always offering Perfect Wisdom but you must be quiet and admit that your thoughts are not perfectly wise.

She looks like life. She looks like all of your mistakes and yet you are still here. She looks like every day and the opportunity to open your eyes and your heart to Her Love.

Whether or not you are a mother of a child, we can all bring the energy of the Mother into a world that is crying for mothering, that has forgotten the way and has forgotten that there is a Benevolent Universe holding each of us… holding the whole thing.

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There is the one in our head. Our mind. Our thoughts. A ceaseless display of judgement, categorizing, concerns, plans, reminders and control. As a result our emotions are activated. Up. Down. Tranquil or tumultuous.

There are the voices of others. Mainly, their thoughts. We take them in, reject them, judge them as useful, useless, infuriating, comforting or otherwise. As a result we feel better, worse, confused or content.

This is the chaotic, unpredictable, ever-changing surface of the lake.

There is another voice. It is ever-present beneath the surface. Deep below, where it is dark and calm. It can go unrecognized for its quiet power. It sounds different. Stillness is usually required to hear it. 

Although it can surface in times of great distress or trauma, loud and clear as a bell. In desperation we open to it. It is unchanging, ineffable and yet loving. 

It can heard within and without. 

Sit. Wait with no expectation and an energy will rise inside you. With it may be knowing or inspiration or the answer you were seeking, if you have the ears to hear it.

Listen. In silence it may reveal itself in the wind, as the wind, or another element. It is formless and may take any shape to reach you. You will know it if your heart is open in the moment. Only in the moment.

Have you heard the voice I speak of? 

She has told me when to pay attention many times in my life. When someone or some thing was significant, was my next step, or even where I would live. 

She has said, “Keep going. You’re on the track.” And “No. That is not for you.” 

As well, She knows when it is time to move on.

(She has no gender yet takes no offense that I refer to Her, I’m sure.)

She is Peace and Love and always encourages me to be me. To be more and more myself. And the more I listen to this voice the more I become aware that we are One. That’s the irony.

So, have you heard this voice?

Shhhh. Listen.

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A Middle Way

Some of us see only this material world and are addicted to the thinking, the struggle, the fight and the attempts to make things happen. This can make us cynical, anxious or exhausted, and hunched over and worn out by the end.

Some of us are floating above, in meditation or bliss. We see auras, and possibility in affirmations and surrendering to the Universe. This can make us lighter until we are ready to float away or wanting to be holed up in a monastery alone in our peace.

There is a Middle Way, as Buddhism terms the application of the spiritual onto the material, the balance between effort and surrender.

I am drawn to teachers who teach such ways. 

Adyashanti reminded us meditators on silent retreat to  “Be a good steward of your life” and to “Enjoy yourself” while also teaching us the possibility of being aware of ourselves as pure, eternal awareness.

Yoga superstar David Life says that yoga is important but not serious, that we should strive like it matters absolutely while laughing at the idea that it does at all.

Sometimes I’m struggling too hard.

Sometimes I’m dreaming the day away.

On Middle Way days, I’m listening inside and showing up for myself and others. I work, and rest, and tune in then tune out.

How about you? How are you?

Do you need more lightness and surrender? To rest, even if just to breathe deeply for a minute?

To you I say 

If you’re exhausted, rest.

If you’re anxious, sad or angry, allow.

All is well in this moment. Breathe.

Do you need to get your boots on the ground and put ideas into action? Do you need a cheerleader or a kick in the pants?

If you have gifts, please give them.

To you I say

If you’re aware, share.

To you I say

If you have gifts, please give them.

If you’re aware, share.

If you find peace, show us the way.

Be a good steward of your life.  Take care of you and those around you.

The whole of the world needs us all –  present and available, enlightened and on fire.

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