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Owning Your Soul Gifts New Moon Journey

A guided journey between new moons to help you open to your Soul Gifts.

“I would recommend this to a friend who is searching…. Searching for their next move in career, relationship or searching for their true self.”

“I recommend this to someone who may need encouragement, fellowship or guidance that is spiritual based, and not judgmental.”

“I would recommend this to a friend who feels that they are on the right path in their life but feel unable to move forward. Someone who feels stuck, has had a change in their life and needs to refocus on themselves and the amazing gifts they have to offer the world.”

“I would recommend this to a friend who believes in the power of positivity, and wants to manifest a dream or desire in their life.”

~ past participants of Owning Your Soul Gifts New Moon Journey

We’ll take one moon cycle – 4 weeks-
to focus our magic on ourselves, 
to wave our wands over our own lives, 
to peer into the clear crystal ball of Heart and Intuition to see how we can own our Soul Gifts 
and bring them into manifestation 
in a way that is perfect for ourselves 
and a blessing for those whose lives we touch.

It starts with a ceremony on the new moon, includes 5 group gatherings – the last one a closing ceremony before the next new moon. 

It also includes guidance and no nonsense observation from me. I am known for telling it like it is but also have a knack for seeing gifts and the blocks to owning them. 

You also have the option of a one hour 1:1 Soul Coaching Session with me, at the discounted rate of $100, during the New Moon Journey. This is optional but past Journeyers have found the 1:1 work to be a real boost to their progress.

So… are you ready?!

When: Thursday evenings from May 21st – June 21st, 2020. (The closing ceremony is on a Sunday, June 21st.) 7:30 to 9pm EST for the first 4, and 10-11:30am EST for the closing ceremony. (5 online meetings total). An optional 1:1 session, at the discounted rate of $100, during the Journey can be scheduled in person at SoL Space in DuBois, PA or online using Zoom.

Where: On your computer or device in a Zoom meeting room.

Who: This is for you if you’re looking to begin something, make a change, focus on yourself to create the life you want or just course correct a bit.

Investment: Just $99! (You can decide to also take advantage of your discounted 1:1 session at any point during the Journey.)

Here’s how it’s gonna go:

Just before the New Moon is when we start, on May 21st, with a ceremony and our first gathering.

We will all get on Zoom for the gatherings. You can be on your desktop or a device. We’ll all be able to see each other and converse.

During these meetings we will cover:

~Dropping old thoughts and beliefs that are standing in the way of our Sparkle.
~Clarifying our vision for our lives right now.
~Acknowledging our unique gifts, skills and abilities.
~Identifying steps we can take to align with our Soul Gifts while activating manifesting mojo in our own way.

By the closing ceremony on the last meeting, we will have started a ball rolling to becoming more true to ourselves and expressing that truth in the world.

After you sign up, you will receive an email with the Zoom meeting details so that you have the link to connect to the meetings.

This is limited to 12 people each journey so grab your spot if you are ready now.

Registration is open only until May 20th, 2020.

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