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Halloween Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

Like everything else in 2020, Halloween is proving to be extra-ordinary this year! Let’s make it MAGICAL.

This year Halloween coincides with a Full moon, which won’t happen again until 2039.

Also, it will be the second Full Moon in October! A second full moon in one month is known as a blue moon, which only occurs every 2.5 to 3 years. You know, once in a blue moon.

Also, this Full moon will be visible all over the globe! The last time that happened was 1944.

Also, the moon is in Taurus – my sign. An earth sign, highlighting creature comforts, sensuality and enjoying our experiences. And BONUS, our clocks go back that night! We get an extra hour to lounge in bed the next morning.

All of these things combined create a once-in-your-lifetime happening. So of course we must celebrate!

We must honor the incredibleness of Life on this day that many of our ancestors also celebrated. The Ancients believed that the veil between this world and the next was especially thin at this time and honored the Spirit world or invited their deceased loved ones to join in on feasting, dancing and earthly pleasures.

I invite you to join me in a sacred cacao ceremony. Cacao is a beautiful gift from the Earth. It’s associated with love and romance because of its natural stimulation of endorphins, neurotransmitters and the cardiovascular system. It is heart-warming and leaves us awash in good feeling. It has been used in sacred ceremony for thousands of years.

In our ceremony we will

  • invoke and thank Spirit and the Earth Elements
  • drink ceremonial grade cacao prepared (by you) in a wonderful, warm drink
  • go on a guided journey to receive wisdom from Spirit that is available for us at this time
  • process the gift or message that we received and make a plan to utilize it in the Full Moon energy

It will be especially luxurious and cozy to be in your own home, wrapped in a blanket or maybe even by a fire, as we enjoy the sensual gift of cacao and open our hearts and minds to the Love that Spirit has for us.

The investment is just $50 and includes a Ceremonial Supplies package delivered to your home with everything you will need for the ceremonial cacao drink and to have an amazing experience!

On Saturday, October 31st, we will have a quick, preparatory Zoom meeting at 6pmEST where I’ll show you how to get your space ready and also prepare the cacao. After that, we will reconvene at 7pmEST for our ceremony, which should last about 90 minutes.

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY to be sure you can receive your Ceremonial Supplies in time!

Please read the considerations and contraindications for cacao ceremony, particularly if this is your first time or if you are on antidepressants or heart medications.

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