SoL stands for Spirit of Love. It is a community… a home for people of all faiths and for the “spiritual but not religious” who yearn for ritual, gatherings, and spiritual practices with others.

Our Sunday Celebrations are a kind of worship experience designed to bring people together to combine our energies and love, and direct them toward The Light. Come and have the experience of going within, of taking the time to remember who you truly are, and being with others who are also opening to Spirit in their lives.

Ultimately our mission is to serve by awakening Divine Love in ourselves and sharing that with the world.

We believe…

  • that all paths can lead to the same place –  to what some would call heaven on earth or enlightenment, to Love, to God.
  • that although we may call The Divine by many names, in the end words fall short of The Mystery. We use terminology from different faiths.
  • that many spiritual teachers and enlightened beings, both living and dead, have contributed much that we can learn from.
  • that God is Love and is within us, around us and in all things, and accessible to us all.
  • that spiritual practices, including meditation and prayer, are vital in opening to God and in finding loving perspective on our life situations.

Be part of the conscious creation of one community, one Spirit of Love.




Upcoming SoL Events:



SoL Sunday Celebration

Register here to receive the link to the Zoom meeting by email. Donations can be made at

A Special SoL-hosted Event for the Day of the Dead

The end of October and beginning of November have a hallowed place in many traditions. From Samhain to All Saints Day and All Souls Day to Halloween and Day of the Dead, festivals and rituals at this time of year honor the departed, the ancestors and the spirit realm. It’s as though the veil is thin just then, between that realm and ours.

So join us on Monday, November 1st, at 7pm EST, for a gathering to open our hearts and our ears to Spirit Wisdom. We will enjoy a drink of ceremonial cacao – a warming, heart-opening experience. We will relax into meditation to allow stillness to make us aware of the loving energy of our angels, ancestors and helping spirits. Alise will channel a message for us from the spirit realm. The wisdom she brings forth is always filled with love and helpful guidance for our lives on earth, as that is our intention and our prayer.

The gathering will last up to 2 hours. Ceremonial grade cacao will be mailed to you prior to this evening, with detailed instruction on how to prepare it for ceremony.

All those registered will receive the recording of the ceremony and message afterward, so if you can’t make it live, you can have your own private ceremony later. We promise you will feel the power of the group even then!

The cost is $45. Be sure to register early so that you receive your cacao in the mail before Nov 1st.