SoL stands for Spirit of Love. It is a community… a home for people of all faiths and for the “spiritual but not religious” who yearn for ritual, gatherings, and spiritual practices with others.

Our Sunday gatherings are a kind of worship experience designed to bring people together to combine our energies and love, and direct them toward The Light. Come and have the experience of going within, of taking the time to remember who you truly are, and being with others who are also opening to Spirit in their lives.

Ultimately our mission is to serve by awakening Divine Love in ourselves and sharing that with the world.

We believe…

  • that all paths can lead to the same place –  to what some would call heaven on earth or enlightenment, to Love, to God.
  • that although we may call The Divine by many names, in the end words fall short of The Mystery. We use terminology from different faiths.
  • that many spiritual teachers and enlightened beings, both living and dead, have contributed much that we can learn from.
  • that God is Love and is within us, around us and in all things, and accessible to us all.
  • that spiritual practices, including meditation and prayer, are vital in opening to God and in finding loving perspective on our life situations.

Be part of the conscious creation of one community, one Spirit of Love.



Upcoming SoL Events:

SoL Sunday Celebration