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How to not get divorced over stupid stuff.

My husband and I annoy each other. Not all the time, thankfully. But I leave lights on, and like a lot of light. He can see in the dark with his light blue eyes, and walks around after me turning … Continue reading

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A Prayer for Grateful Days

Sometimes I forget that I am a prayer channel and that I have writer spirits at the ready. I searched the interweb and books full of blessings to no avail for a prayer to bless and begin Thanksgiving dinner, or … Continue reading

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Hey you, meet YOU.

Source: lisasarick.com via Lisa on Pinterest Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance, Self-Confidence, Self-Love, Self-Care… and the big one, Self-Realization These words buzz around, don’t they? They sound great. I think sometimes the problem is that we don’t know the Self. WHO exactly are we accepting, loving, … Continue reading

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