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Be Moved

Tears rolled down my face when I saw the Grand Tetons, an Aurora Borealis and the Caribbean Sea.  I can barely listen to Adele sing without crying.  My insides shook for weeks when I left a marriage, and all I … Continue reading

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Beyond Sit, Stand, Kneel.

I loved the ritual of church. Sit. Stand. Kneel. Frankincense melting and smoke wafting. The ambience of light streaming through colorful stained glass. The processions, and performance of acts done in a way, for so long, by so many. Then … Continue reading

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Want to add to the love in the world and help turn the tide?

Sometimes I find my Self. Genderless, ageless, faceless. Without a story or a past. Just here. “Oh look, I’m living this life now,” it thinks. I recently heard an interview with Adyashanti where he suggested that we ask, “What is … Continue reading

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