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Want to add to the love in the world and help turn the tide?

Sometimes I find my Self. Genderless, ageless, faceless. Without a story or a past. Just here. “Oh look, I’m living this life now,” it thinks. I recently heard an interview with Adyashanti where he suggested that we ask, “What is … Continue reading

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Who Do You Think You Are?!

So, who do you think you are anyway? A person saddled with responsibilities, navigating treachorous, unknown terrain to arrive at a place picked out for you like a pack mule on a million-mile march? A human enslaved to the mind’s thoughts … Continue reading

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Why I Am Not Praying for You

When I was married to a drinking alcoholic I used to pray that he would stop drinking. It seemed like a logical thing to pray for — like it would solve many of “our” problems. Our relationship landed me in … Continue reading

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