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Want to add to the love in the world and help turn the tide?

Sometimes I find my Self. Genderless, ageless, faceless. Without a story or a past. Just here. “Oh look, I’m living this life now,” it thinks. I recently heard an interview with Adyashanti where he suggested that we ask, “What is … Continue reading

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Pay Attention (part 3) – A mini SoL Sermon

We can use the attention of the mind to lessen physical pain, or increase it. I have known that to be true, but I sometimes felt like I couldn’t speak on that much because I haven’t lived with chronic pain, or … Continue reading

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I Am Not a Chair.

  Once upon a time I ran a lovely yoga center with a great business partner. During the first couple of years, I recall a gentleman asking me what I do. I said that I co-owned CNY Yoga Center. He … Continue reading

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