As a yoga teacher, I’m less of an ‘instructor’ . . . and more of a Guide. There is nothing I can teach you that isn’t already centered within — coded into your muscles, your mind, and your magnificent spirit.

But what I can do is create an experience — an atmosphere of laughter, energy & creation — that allows you to access that core wisdom, a bit faster. That’s my real work, as a Guide.
And I’d love to share it, with you.

You can take class with me at SoL Wellness & Gathering Space, the home of Spirit of Love Interfaith Community. 608 W. DuBois Ave, DuBois, Pa. 

Here is the Sol Space schedule of regular classes.

Check out our great events and pop-up classes on the website or FB page.

7:00 pm – Yoga (all levels) with Laura Beth Kerns
7:00 pm – Prenatal Yoga with Gabby Orcutt

5:30 pm – Yoga (all levels) with Lisa Sarick
7:00 pm – Buti Yoga with Gabby Orcutt

9:30 am – Yoga (all levels) with Cindi Delinsky
5:30-8:30 pm – Wellness Wednesday Workshop with our teachers and guest presenters
7:00 pm – Therapeutic Postures with Margo Pfingstler

5:30 pm – Gentle Yoga and Meditation with Lisa Sarick
7:00 pm – Buti Yoga with Gabby Orcutt

9:30 am – Yoga (all levels) with Lisa Sarick


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“I have practiced and taught yoga for over 20 years. I have had great insights and wisdom come to me during yoga class. But only in Lisa’s class did God come to me. It happened several times … while relaxing in Savasana … a soft cloud enveloped me — God. Just her presence. Amazing.” – Leslie Eimas 

“Yoga classes with Lisa are the best!!  I was not sure if it was something I’d like as Im not an athletically inclined person.  She makes everyone feel comfortable , no matter what level and can teach a class including beginners to experienced and everyone comes out happy, refreshed and relaxed.  Its amazing how she can adapt a position to meet individual needs of the people in her class- showing options and ideas to make it more intense or easier to maintain and still get the benefits from yoga.  Taking yoga from Lisa has been a positive step for me in getting healthier and has let me know that anyone can do this.  Lisa shows everyone that any thing is possible.”  – a Student

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