As a yoga teacher, I’m less of an ‘instructor’ . . . and more of a Guide. There is nothing I can teach you that isn’t already centered within — coded into your muscles, your mind, and your magnificent spirit.

But what I can do is create an experience — an atmosphere of laughter, energy & creation — that allows you to access that core wisdom, a bit faster. That’s my real work, as a Guide.
And I’d love to share it, with you.

I am teaching at Peaceful Day Yoga Community in Reynoldsville, PA.

Check out their class schedule here.

“I have practiced and taught yoga for over 20 years. I have had great insights and wisdom come to me during yoga class. But only in Lisa’s class did God come to me. It happened several times … while relaxing in Savasana … a soft cloud enveloped me — God. Just her presence. Amazing.” – Leslie Eimas 

“Yoga classes with Lisa are the best!!  I was not sure if it was something I’d like as Im not an athletically inclined person.  She makes everyone feel comfortable , no matter what level and can teach a class including beginners to experienced and everyone comes out happy, refreshed and relaxed.  Its amazing how she can adapt a position to meet individual needs of the people in her class- showing options and ideas to make it more intense or easier to maintain and still get the benefits from yoga.  Taking yoga from Lisa has been a positive step for me in getting healthier and has let me know that anyone can do this.  Lisa shows everyone that any thing is possible.”  – a Student